in figures


primary and secondary schools from


European countries implement the 50/50 methodology

98 891

pupils and

7 038

teachers undertake efforts to save at least


of energy consumed in their schools


European municipalities use the 50/50 tools and


of them participated in our training sessions


municipalities extend the 50/50 action to other public buildings


local strategies and


educational strategies include the 50/50 concept


EU-level initiatives support the 50/50 Network


project observers regularly follow the project and its activities


local, regional and national authorities were contacted to include the 50/50 concept in their strategies


persons participated in the 50/50 promotional and dissemination events

Currently, all project partners are busy involving schools and non-school buildings in the EURONET 50/50 MAX project. Our task is not easy, as we have to involve 500 new schools and nearly 50 other public buildings, but the interest in the 50/50 concept is great and more and more of these institutions join the 50/50 Network.

In order to help new network members to implement a 50/50 project we are organising national trainings / informative sessions, during which different aspects of the project are thoroughly discussed. Participants of these events learn how to implement the 50/50 methodology step by step and how to calculate energy savings achieved in the process. They also learn about the model agreements between local authorities and schools/non-school buildings involved in the project, as well as the reporting and evaluation processes. Soon, you will find here more information on the events organised in different countries.

If you are not part of the project yet, but would like to implement the 50/50 methodology in your building(s), please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..