in figures


primary and secondary schools from


European countries implement the 50/50 methodology

98 891

pupils and

7 038

teachers undertake efforts to save at least


of energy consumed in their schools


European municipalities use the 50/50 tools and


of them participated in our training sessions


municipalities extend the 50/50 action to other public buildings


local strategies and


educational strategies include the 50/50 concept


EU-level initiatives support the 50/50 Network


project observers regularly follow the project and its activities


local, regional and national authorities were contacted to include the 50/50 concept in their strategies


persons participated in the 50/50 promotional and dissemination events

More than 150 students and almost 20 teachers from 12 schools participated in EURONET 50/50 MAX final event celebration in Częstochowa on 15th of April 2016. The event took place in the Primary School no 21. The event was officially opened by Bożena Herbuś, City Engineer of Częstochowa.

PNEC prepared many attractions for students in the form of energy contest. Energy teams had 7 tasks to complete while visiting 7 stands. They were equipped with cards filled with task description and questions that students were supposed to complete. Each time, after providing a correct answer or completing the task, the team received colored card with a letter. After collecting all the letters, the teams could build up the project name - “EURONET” and pose to an energetic photo. The students had a lot of fun and their photos were full of positive energy and power!

Attractions for Energy teams:

  1. 40 minute show of chemical and physical experiments, where students could learn how to write secret messages by using invisible ink, inflate the balloon without using mouth and prepare home-made coca-cola. The most exciting part of the show was a bonfire in the middle of sports hall.
  2. At the beginning students were supposed to solve 3 crosswords and then write poems or slogans using the key words obtained. The most interesting slogans were prepared by energy teams from 3 schools: Primary School no 13, Primary School no 38 and Secondary School No 14.
  3. Students brought more than 60 posters promoting energy efficiency, which were presented on the walls forming the impressive gallery. Energy teams were democratically choosing the best posters and they could not vote for posters from their own school.
  4. At this stage energy teams were watching 3 x 20-second videos promoting energy efficiency and afterwards they were supposed to answer 3 questions referring to the films’ details.
  5. In this stand RES workshops were organized by Marek Domagała from VIESSMANN company. Thanks to a short presentations and animations students learnt about heat pumps, solar collectors and wind power turbines.
  6. Representative of Częstochowa, Mrs. Aneta Myga and voluntary workers from Secondary School no 3 organized the energy board game for energy teams. This game was really exciting and required a lot of team work!

After almost 2 hours of hard work with the tasks, the time had come for the really enjoyable and most pleasant part of event. Students prepared short performances about saving energy at their schools. All of the shows were very creative and students presented a great musical and acting talent! At the very end rewards for the best posters were handed out. All participants got an energy game and a sweet snack.

The EURONET 50/50 MAX celebration in Częstochowa was a wonderful opportunity for the energy teams to meet, present their posters and performances, as well as take part in the healthy competition, which enabled them to learn and have fun at the same time. 

It was a reward for hard work of energy teams and their engagement in the project implementation.


We would like to thank all the institutions involved and supporting the event:

  • Municipality of Częstochowa
  • VIESSMANN Company
  • FORTUM Company
  • PGE Company
  • TAURON Company
  • Water Supply System from Częstochowa