in figures


primary and secondary schools from


European countries implement the 50/50 methodology

98 891

pupils and

7 038

teachers undertake efforts to save at least


of energy consumed in their schools


European municipalities use the 50/50 tools and


of them participated in our training sessions


municipalities extend the 50/50 action to other public buildings


local strategies and


educational strategies include the 50/50 concept


EU-level initiatives support the 50/50 Network


project observers regularly follow the project and its activities


local, regional and national authorities were contacted to include the 50/50 concept in their strategies


persons participated in the 50/50 promotional and dissemination events

Within EURONET 50/50 MAX many interesting events are planned giving a unique opportunity to learn more about the 50/50 methodology, energy saving in schools and other public buildings, ways of increasing energy awareness of building users, etc. These events will also give the opportunity to exchange experience and information with other organisations striving to reduce energy consumption by changing people’s habits and behaviour.

Here are the major events planned during the project implementation:

  • Project partners’ meetings
  • Twinning meetings between “experienced” and “learning” partners
  • Initial conference in Brussels to present the results of the first EURONET 50/50 project
  • Training sessions for representatives of schools and municipalities involved in the 50/50 network
  • Training sessions for non-school buildings involved in the 50/50 network
  • Annual 50/50 events with stakeholders from schools and non-school buildings explaining and sharing their experiences gathered while implementing the 50/50 methodology
  • Face-to-face and/or virtual meetings with priority stakeholders (national and regional authorities, energy agencies, etc.) for the strategic roll-out of the 50/50 concept
  • Final conference of the project

To learn more about our upcoming or past events please visit the dedicated sections of the website!