in figures


primary and secondary schools from


European countries implement the 50/50 methodology

98 891

pupils and

7 038

teachers undertake efforts to save at least


of energy consumed in their schools


European municipalities use the 50/50 tools and


of them participated in our training sessions


municipalities extend the 50/50 action to other public buildings


local strategies and


educational strategies include the 50/50 concept


EU-level initiatives support the 50/50 Network


project observers regularly follow the project and its activities


local, regional and national authorities were contacted to include the 50/50 concept in their strategies


persons participated in the 50/50 promotional and dissemination events

logo Guidebook Energy saving at schoolGuidebook  “Energy saving at school”

The guidebook shows how to implement the 50/50 methodology at your school step-by-step. It contains many useful guidelines for teachers that will help them in their work with the school energy team. It also includes examples of worksheets and experiments that may be used to increase the pupils’ knowledge of energy and climate issues. To download the guidebook, click here.



Guidebook Energy saving at schools part 2Guidebook  “Energy saving at school: part 2”

This publications complements and expands the guidebook „Energy saving at school” which was issued in the previous edition of the project and was addressed to primary school teachers. Second part of the guidebook is addressed to secondary schools teachers and focuses on the older group of students. Implementation of 50/50 methodology was divided into 4 units which include a number of learning modules. For each module there are also attached additional materials, like worksheets, descriptions of experiments, images, examples of energy labels, etc. which will help the teacher with his/her work with the energy team. To download the guidebook, click here.


logo Guidebook 50 50 step by stepGuidebook  “50/50 step by step. Energy efficiency and saving at school”

The guidebook presents results of the first EURONET 50/50 project in a concise and interesting way and gives many useful tips regarding the implementation and monitoring of the 50/50 concept at school. From the guidebook you will learn how to start a 50/50 project, how to manage it, how to calculate energy savings and what are the best practices of schools belonging to the 50/50 network. To download the guidebook, click here.


Educational guidebook for caretakers Guidebook “How to handle the energy team”

Guidebook is addressed to school caretakers (although also the teachers involved in the 50/50 project will find here many useful tips!) and will help them to prepare for the work with the energy team, including co-organisation of the energy review of the school building. Caretakers play very important role in the 50/50 project as they know best the school building and its energy system. Therefore, they can help the pupils analyse energy situation of their school and implement energy-saving measures. The publication contains many useful guidelines how to organise the work with the children, what information to transfer to them, as well as will help to prepare for the possible questions raised by the pupils. To download the guidebook, click here.


logo energy saving in public buildingGuidebook “Energy saving in public buildings”

This publications complements the guidebook „Energy saving at school” which was issued in the previous edition of the project. It focuses on implementation of the 50/50 methodology in non-educational public buildings. It informs what criteria must be met by these type of buildings, if they wish to engage in the 50/50 project, what is the role of local/regional self-government and the energy team, as well as explains step by step how to implement the 50/50 methodology in order to achieve energy and financial savings. To download the guidebook, click here.


Logo guidebook everythingGuidebook "Everything you want to know about 50/50"

The guidebook summarises all our experience gained within the 3 years of EURONET 50/50 MAX implementation that may be useful for other schools, buildings and municipalities wishing to launch the 50/50 project. It includes overall description of the 50/50 concept and following steps of the 50/50 methodology with some useful, practical tips and guidelines. It also presents many fascinating best practice examples from the 13 partner’s countries, actions developed by the 50/50 schools and public buildings, summary of the project results and much more. To download the guidebook, click here.


Logo guidebook benefitGuidebook "Benefits of applying 50/50 in public buildings"

The guidebook summarises main aspects of implementation of the 50/50 concept in different types of public buildings. It highlights benefits of such approach, including contribution to the achievement of local climate & energy targets and demonstrating local authorities' commitment towards sustainable energy development. It also gives some useful tips about engaging building managers and building users in energy-saving actions. And by doing that significant energy savings can be achieved without large investments. To download the guidebook, click  here.